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Richard Perry


$1Bn+ legal claim to be issued in the USA. Pro Bono firms wanted to litigate against half a dozen worldwide firms earning billions in revenues. Your fee is 35% of win. Please contact me if you wish to represent me. I sent letters to the Defendant’s UK firms and had replies from their US and Belgium Offices - this gives us standing in the US courts.

Appeal for Public & Legal Support

If there is anyone out there who has the courage and resources to take my case on, help prevent this extreme cruelty from happening to others and who wants to have a hand in making history for a better future, then please contact me. Take into account that your services may have to be completely free or pro bono. We now have a potential billion dollar lawsuit. This will be an expensive case and I don’t have any means of paying any legal costs. I have reserved myself to the notion that I will possibly have to run this case myself and without any help or legal support, but I don’t have anything else left to lose. If you take my case on, you will also be facing a mountain of United Kingdom Government corruption and abuse and they will also start targeting you and your businesses, like they’ve done to me. This is all because the United Stink-hole Kingdom refuses to recognise or enforce intellectual property rights whilst they watch the nation slowly sink to the bottom of the Atlantic. I’ve no doubt that when the Defendants read this website they will be making their little death threats again, sending their little abusive and hateful emails. I will be publishing copies of all those types of correspondences on this site for the world to see and then I will be reporting every one to the Police. Visit Britain. Business is Good  - For Thieves.
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