My name is Richard Perry.

I’m an English born inventor and product entreprenuer.

I am the creator, inventor and owner of well known DIY and construction products that have sold in millions worldwide 

helping tens to hundreds of thousands of people all over the world. I’ve created products and even entire new markets

therefore affecting the lives of hundreds of thousands to millions of people. My entire lifetime’s work (all of my products,

patents, achievements etc.) has been stolen from me by United Kingdom and American parent companies operating in

the UK, USA and Canada and who are carrying out serious economic intellectual property crime for the purpose of

profit.  This website is an account of events to expose and bring to justice the ugly and repulsive people behind the theft

and fraud of my fantastic products and lifetime’s work that has almost led to my death through the trauma I have

suffered. The reward and recognition i’ve received for my staggering contribution is to have been left as a defenceless

victim of serious and organized crime, bankrupted and impoverished. This situation has been allowed to continue as a

result of United Kingdom Government corruption and their absolute refusal to recognize the value of, or enforce,

intellectual property rights under any circumstances whatsover - despite having been paid for those rights. This is a

total failure of Government, a breach of EU Treaties on sincere co-operation with Europe and a serious abuse of

constitutional rights. It is a breach of Human Rights. It is also fraudulent, undermines the Rule of Law and it is downright

immoral and disgraceful.

I have decided to publish the full account of events and expose the moral-less individuals going around stealing and

robbing people because they can’t think of anything for themselves. After 6 years of putting faith in a corrupt

Government and waiting for them to act to put this terrrible situation right, I have come to realise that nobody in

Government is going to fight for me, or protect me, or come to my aid, despite myself having made an unfathomable

contribution to the Country. This is because the United Kingdom hates ‘profit’ and despises success of any kind

whatsoever. The issues addressed through my website are in the public interest and i’m sure that the general public

would find this sickening corporate behaviour, abhorrent. If the United Kingdom Government blocks my case in the UK,

then i’ll litigate it in the International Criminal Courts for breaches of the Rome Statute and crimes against humanity.

I hope you have time to read through this website but there are hundreds of pages of documents supporting my

allegations along with undeniable evidence. If you have any integrity or wish to help, please file a report with Interpol in

Europe or the FBI in America and RCMP in Canada.

The Purpose Of This Website:

1). Rescue my reputation and regain some of my own sense of pride and achievement for everything that i’ve

accomplished, because this is haunting my soul and I am wholeheartedly entitled to the reward and recognition that I

deserve.  If I am going to be driven to my death by corruption and crimes against humanity, then I intend to bring down

everyone involved in it. See the page ‘The Defendants’ for a list of the firms, individuals, Government Officials, Judges,

Police Officers and law firms involved - it is dispicable.

2). To alert the general public to this shocking and unbelievable high level of corruption and abuse and to speak out

about these crimes being carried out against individuals by corporations being encouraged and supported by a corrupt

United Kingdom oppressive Government.

3). I hope to change the appalling attitude of the United Kingdom in relation to intellectual property rights and force a

change in the law that will protect future generations of inventors, creative people, entrepreneurs and anyone else that

has the courage to take a risk, start a business, and try to make better lives for themselves and their communities. The

United Kingdom has willfully broken EU Treaties and the Rome Statute and has done everything it can to cover the

tracks of the people and firms involved.  I have hundreds of pages of undeniable and indisputable evidence that proves

it, published throughout this site.

4). Recover the compensation and financial reward that I am lawfully and rightfully entitled to, whatever sum that may

be. I initially put some evaluation on this at around 50m and upto 150m, and some North American accounting firms

have agreed. However we could now be looking at a billion dollar lawsuit due to the high level of crime carried out by

the USA parent firms.  I will be bringing criminal charges against all of the Defendants in the criminal courts and I intend

to put them out of business for good.

The synopsis of the situation is this:

I am a talented inventor producing market leading construction products. It took decades to bring my products to

market, (I started my venture when I was 26 - i’m now 44), on a shoestring budget and without any help or funding. I

could write a novel on the long and unforgiving road I have travelled to bring my ideas to market and make them market

leading world renowned products. See more in the ‘Richard Perry Life’ Page (menu bar above). My products have

helped tens to hundreds of thousands of people all over the world. My products have created enjoyment, helped people

to accomplish things in everyday life, and have generated economic and social benefits for many countries. They have

also inspired countless others to have a go and start their own businesses and innovations.  I hold over 17 granted

patents, had over 100 patent applications pending in many Countries and dozens of designs and copyrights that were

supposed to provide revenue and investment protection on up to another 40 or 50 products that I was developing over

a 20 year period. I’ve pioneered work in areas of construction and even created and opened up entire new markets

which is a real achievement. My work and this level of achievement creates the future for many others.

Basically, I have made the achievement of a lifetime and accomplished something that very few people would be able

to do especially without having any financial support. Bringing one product to market and making it a market leading

product without any funding is a feat that deserves admiration - to have done this half a dozen times is an almost

impossible accomplishment for an individual. I’ve only been able to make these achievements because I am extremely

talented in innovation; I have a given gift in this field/innovation and I can see the financial potential in anything. Product

ideas flood to me day and night. I’ve had to write all of my own patents, learn prototyping techniques, set up my own

distribution chains, learn manufacturing and engineering, and learn different languages to be able to communicate with

my suppliers. I’ve had to learn marketing techniques, branding, business operations and bits about laws in many

Countries. I can see gaps in markets, understand what people need and what sells and, I know exactly how to design

and market products to capture people’s attention and enthusiasm. I should be a ‘treasure’ to the United Kingdom and I

faithfully paid the United Kingdom Government tens of thousands of pounds to acquire intellectual property rights to

protect my work which was supposed to be a long term investment and my retirement fund.

Tragically, I’ve been a victim of serious and organised crime relating to intellectual property theft, fraud and

counterfeiting of all of my products; crimes that have been carried out by a group claiming to be ‘Christians’ who run

national and worldwide firms, giving money to charity and enjoying lavish lifestyles all acquired from the proceeds of

crime. I’ve suffered immeasurable loss through their lawbreaking including the total loss and destruction of all of my

patents, creative rights, thriving business enterprises, and all of my friendships and relationships. Everything i’ve

worked for my entire adult life. I’ve suffered severe defamation and ridicule as a result of malicious and perjurious civil

court cases brought against me based on false witness testimony. False testimony that was eagerly supported by

corrupted judges, and i’ve lost my good standing in the industries where my products flourished. I have been cheated

out of my lifetime’s work and have almost been driven to my death at the hands of the United Shit-hole Kingdom and it’s

Authorities who have been complicit in these sickening and gut wrenching crimes.

Not a single person in Authority has come to my aid and not only has the United Kingdom Government deliberately

turned a blind eye to the events that have happened, but it has in fact supported and encouraged the repulsive

individuals and firms involved in this cruelty. The UK Government started bringing malicious and merit-less claims

against all of my Companies to intimidate and bully me to try to show me that the Government is bigger than me and I

should dhut up and allow the bastardizing of humanity to continue. These murderous little people need to be brought to

justice and held to account for what they’ve done.

The theft of all of my creative rights has been perpetrated throughout the UK, the USA and Canada by national and

worldwide corporations who have carefully planned elaborate schemes to steal and defraud me of my entire intellectual

property portfolio and deprive me of tens of millions of pounds worth of intellectual property rights. They have carried

out plots to cheat my products out of the marketplace and author the total destruction of my entire business and career,

organizing boycots of my products and flooding the marketplace with counterfeits, whilst they give smiles and

handshakes to the United Kingdom Retail Industry knowing that they are masking serious crime. I have suffered severe

mental and emotional trauma almost every minute of every day and night for the duration of almost seven years and I

have contemplated taking my own life thousands of times due to taking such a battering. This has been everything I

have worked for all of my adult life. I even chewed through my own lips at one point through the sheer stress and terror

of fighting corruption. It must be like watching your child being slaughtered in front of you and being completely helpless

and unable to do anything about it as you look on in terror.

The corporations involved in these crimes have bribed and unlawfully influenced UK Goverment Officials into

dishonestly assisting them and they have even gone to the lengths of coercing large London law firms into helping them

evade any liability or accountability by bringing fraudulent, perjurious and false cases to the UK Civil Courts. In some

cases the law firms involved willingly submitted hundreds of documents of false witness testimony and statements that

they knew to be deliberately misleading, for the purpose of concealing serious crime. They even confirmed that they

had submitted these documents knowing that there wouldn’t be any punishment because they knew they were being

aided by corrupted judges. All of which is proven in undeniable and indisputable evidence. Their legal defence in five

years of civil cases was ‘We didn’t know’ and ‘it wasn’t us’ and this ridiculous horrifying joke of a defence has been fully

accepted as a defence in a United Kingdom Court of Law by corrupt and dishonest judges with one particular judge

involved throughout the whole mess. These judges who are supposed to represent the ethics and values of society

have made it their place to make politcal decisions and follow UK Government corruption to refuse to enforce

intellectual property rights regardless of the consequences on it’s citizens and the economy. This is proven in evidence,

on paper in black and white. It is a total disgrace and a breach of any legal practice licences or position of Authority:

sitting there making fraudulent and abusive judgements, judging people as if you’re God himself whilst you know that

every word that comes out of your mouth is designed to persecute innocent victims who are helplessly trying to stand

up for their rights. What is the point of having the system at all if it can bought by anyone with enough money and


Mortifyingly, the corrupt United Kingdom Government, corrupt Judiciary and corrupt Police Force have knowingly 

allowed this lawbreaking to continue, despite seeing undeniable and indisputable evidence proving the crimes. I have

reported it to almost every Authority in the Country. See the page ‘UK Government Corruption’ and the ‘Evidence’ 

Pages.  Evidence such as that which includes, and is not limited to, the unlawful use of my own name ‘Richard Perry’

on the purchase orders of the Defendants used to order the patent infringing and counterfeit goods, to make it appear

that I had given authorisation of the use of my patent rights, which I did not.  Evidence such as forged and manipulated

design sheets to try to make it look that the Defendants thought of my products before I did. Evidence such as judges

refusing all access to evidence and then making judgements claiming that I don’t have enough evidence. Evidence

such as thousands of transactions of counterfeiting and fraud. Evidence such as Police Officers holding secret

conversations with the Defandants and then suddenly claiming that they can’t see how there is any crime and yet

denying all access to the minutes of the conversations that prove my allegations. It goes on. There are hundreds of

pages of it.  I have a list of over 20 Government Officials, Judges and high ranking Police Officers who are involved in

this situation and who have been complicit in the crimes.  Crimes that would land the average person on the street with

a lifetime jail sentence.

The United Kingdom Patent Office is being run criminally and I have undeniable proof of that Office stealing my money,

deliberately misadvising me in order to make more money through admin fees, and refusing to do anything whatsoever

to enforce IP rights. I heard a discussion on a radio show where a spokesman representing Government stated that the

Government had to actually debate whether they would let serious crime continue because it generated revenues for

Government or whether they would enforce the law and put a stop to serious crime.Yes - they actually had to debate

crime vs profit for Government !!!  The UK Government is benefitting from the enormous tax revenues being made from

the counterfeits that are derived from my original patents and intellectual property rights.  I will be bringing my claim to

the Criminal Courts and it is expected to be the biggest and most prominant claim in the history of the United Kingdom

in relation to intellectual property crime. We could be looking at a billion dollar lawsuit based on rough evaluations of my

IP portfolio, fair market value and the fact that there has to be a deterrent. I’m also claiming damages for human rights

abuse and corruption and all the loss of dreams and ideas that I haven’t ever been able to embark on. See the

Charges page for details. I will likely now litigate this in the USA.

One would never expect such an abuse of human rights and humiliating and degrading treatment to be going on in the

United Kingdom. This type of suppression and oppression doesn’t have any place in a western developed Country in

the 21st Century. It is barbaric and outright cruelty. So far the Authorities involved in my situation have tried doing all of

it behind closed doors and so it’s time to end that farce. We cannot afford this. When I say ‘we’ I mean the people, the

society, our communities and our future generations. We can’t afford it as a nation, as a collective. This uncontrolled

absolute lawlessness destroys the good that anyone is doing in their lives. How on earth do these loathsome people in

Government think the economy goes round? Do they think that market leading products that create jobs, revenues and

pension plans, just fall out of the sky?

Copyright © Richard Perry 2018. Copyright commencement date is 14th February 2018.
Richard Perry Versus.
This is a true account of events of the United Kingdom Government deliberately aiding, abetting, and allowing national and worldwide firms to go around stealing and defrauding intellectual property rights, butchering individuals and their start-up enterprises therefore destroying their purpose and point to life, and perpetrating serious economic crime that destabilises the economy and undermines the entire Rule of Law. It is a public disgrace & total injustice to the People of the United Kingdom as well as anyone investing their talent and lifetime in creating things for others to enjoy. If you are a talented individual making incredible successes you end up bankrupted and contemplating suicide due to suffering the immeasurable loss of your creations and decades of backbreaking investment.                                                                                         This is the reward you receive in the United Shit-hole Kingdom. The national code of conduct is: ‘Only build bridges you can burn instantly’

I’ve been left by the Government, the Judiciary and the Police, who are supposed to be the ‘incorruptible three pillars

of society’ , trying to enforce my creative rights all on my own and without any legal help because the United Shit-hole

Kingdom (and it really is a cesspool of corruption) deliberately barred all access to any statutory legal aid or any

professional help whatsoever. I’ve lost all of my savings and investment and years of my life trying to fight corruption

and crime and had my life torn apart. See my Victim’s Personal Statement. click here.

In case that this situation leads to my death through the trauma of it (which is still a high possibility) I will be publishing the names of all the firms and individuals involved. I hope my case will change the mortifying attitude of the United Kingdom towards creative rights and help protect future generations of innovators and entrepreneurs that are the backbone, foundation and future of the Country and, more importantly, I intend to put these loathsome people in jail.
 Navigate through the site using the top menu bar above - the best place to start is: Richard Perry Life >>> ‘the fencebrackets story’, and then: The Case >>> Particulars of Claim. Please help. Richard Perry, Inventor and business owner.
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Letters to the Queen’s Royal Household 2018 Click Here Here is a copy of a recent letter to the Queen’s private staff about this situation. I believe the Royal Household staff that are in Government have intervened, and a large scale Police operation is in progress. 
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United Kingdom, Killing Your Dreams. Do you have dreams of a better life? Are you an entrepreneur with a brilliant idea? Are you a self-motivated, talented and creative person? Do you have a natural gift that can help the World? Do you work all hours God sends to achieve your goals? Do you want to live in a land of paradise and reap what you sow? Do you need help and are willing to help others? In the United Kingdom – Fucking Forget It. The United Kingdom is a cesspool of corruption. This is the land where dreams are destroyed and lives are ripped apart and left in tatters.  Innovators and creative people are murdered by big tax evading Corporations that will steal your lifetime’s work and butcher you in the name of profit. Corrupt, incompetent Government Departments and disinterested Authorities will protect them - you won’t get any help, you won’t build your dreams, you won’t have a better life and, if you stand up to them you will be ostracised and persecuted. If you take your claim to the Courts to try  to enforce your rights, you’ll be ridiculed and have your claim rubbished because these degenerates are all in it together. There is more corruption in the UK than anywhere else  in the world; you just don’t see it until you’re a victim of it. People HATE success. Old men DESPISE successful young men. People would rather eat themselves alive out of jealousy, than help YOU. Good people come last. It’s every man for himself.  ‘Love thy neighbour’ is obsolete. ‘Profit’ isn’t just a dirty word – ‘Profit’ stinks and makes people feel sick. The streets are certainly not paved with gold. Marriage only means giving away 70% of everything you’ve ever worked for. Intellectual Property is completely worthless. The Spirit of Innovation is dead. People are ruled by fear, negativity and suppression. You will ONLY make it in the United Kingdom if you’re a CRIMINAL.
Also see: www.richardperryversus.com  if this site isn’t updated and vice versa : www.richardperry-versus.com  and also www.richardperryversus.co.uk (may not be live yet). LAW FIRM WANTED TO LITIGATE BILLION DOLLAR CLAIM IN USA - CONTACT ME PLS. 35% FEE ON PRO BONO CASE.  

“Deliberately acting to deprive people of their natural talents, abilities and

creations of their human mind, resulting in decimation of their spirit and

destroying their purpose, enthusiasm and love of life, is a crime against

humanity. It is abusive, cruel, and makes a mockery of the value of life itself. It

matters not that the body is free of physical torture; the burden upon the soul

and effect upon the conscious mind is the same, and it is inhumane.”  RP

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JOURNALISTS: THE BIG REVEAL Please read through this site and publish everything you can to name and shame the people involved. If people lose their jobs, careers, businesses and big profits then it is of their own making and they shouldn’t have done it. Imagine if Bill Gates or Steve Jobs had been robbed of their life and potential when they were starting off. Imagine the loss the world would have suffered. I may not be as big as these great men, but how do we know?  I’ve been robbed, butchered and tormented before i’ve come anywhere near to realising my full potential. After reading the Richard Perry Life page, you will see that I made a staggering achievement without even having any funding or investment. The bastardizing of humanity is the consequence of corruption and therefore we must tackle corruption head on, because we cannot afford it.
CHRISTMAS MESSAGE TO THE DEFENDANTS: You are all aware that you are under a large scale Police investigation. It is time for you to come forward and hand yourselves in to the Police and provide evidence or make confessions. OR it is time to come forward and settle with me. Stay hiding and continuing the crimes and we will find you and you will go to jail, no matter how long it takes. After reading this; if your plan is to start filing more malicious law suits against me, you may find the power and authority of the Court and Crown to be very different this time when you aren’t being aided and abetted by corrupt Judges.
Readers: There may not be another update now until Spring 2019. The reason is because there is so much information it will take a while to go through it, explain it and publish it. Also the Defendants may come forward and settle, in which case I will take the website down, and so I will give it a few months to see what happens. We may need a second website because this one has already become difficult to upload due to the volume of information.