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Richard Perry Versus. settlement offer  to the defendants This offer is being made public so that the world can see that the Defendants have had every opportunity to come forward, reconcile and make amends for the torture, anquish, and humiliating and degrading treatment they have forced me to suffer, and their serious crime which has robbed me of my life and achievements.   I personally feel that I am done with these loathsome little people and I don’t want to offer them anything at all - I would rather put them in jail. I’ve given them countless offers already and they have refused to own up to their crime or pay anything at all. They could have gone about their business in a lawful way in 2004 when I approached all of them to licence my IP rights and products. Instead they chose serious crime. However, in the UK, the law says that they have to have a chance to reconcile before criminal proceedings are issued and now the world can see that I have done everything I can to settle, give these people a chance to come clean and own up, and mitigate my losses.   I have had several rough evaluations of my patents and IP portfolio, with a global figure of upto GBP150m of the value to me if a royalty had been paid.  This does not take into account damages for crimes against humanity. This was based on low sales turnovers and without knowing the actualy sales figures of all the counterfeits and stolen products which is now proven to be millions and millions of sales. This is before some of my products are even taken to market and considering the track record and success of my fencebrackets. This doesn’t consider the goodwill, the fact that my life has been robbed from me and my entire portfolio decimated without any way of recovering it. I have lost all faith in people and justice and Government and would never take a risk starting a business again in the United Shit Hole Kingdom. I also have no idea how likely it is that I would come up with market leading products again, because you never know what sells, and at my age now, I don’t have the enthusiasm to start again. My life is now empty. On top of which the Defendants have gone around the entire industry making such bad blood and defamatory statements about me and my business that it is highly unlikely anyone would want to stock my products again anyway, despite my fight and this case also standing up for their rights and freedom. So the upper evaluations were as much as GBP150m on worldwide turnover based on product groups, track record of sales and estimated likelyhood of sales, as well as the loss of opportunity to build an empire where GBP150m could be a fraction of my potential or what I can achieve. Also, now that almost a decade has been wiped out of my life, the patents have lapsed or been drained of time and so there wouldn’t be any point trying to launch products with only a few years left. It would be a foolish investment.    Now that this has dragged on for seven years and wiped out the last years of my chance of having children, it is now almost certain that I may never have children because it is too late - i’ve lost all the youth and good years and don’t have the means to support a child. I’ve suffered all the detrimental affects as outlined in the Victim Personal Statement. We all know how that turned out.  I’m pitching this offer at an average fair market value of what I would have been willing to sell for and an amount that would bring a smile, make me content and go some way to helping me put this terrible ordeal behind me. It might not be the highest amount of the range of evaluations but I am showing the world that I’m being fair with the Defendants and giving them every chance to restitute me. This is all because a group of ill-willed, under-achieveing little losers can’t think of anything for themselves and so they target one little man and bleed him dry of his love, passion, enjoyment and happiness in life.    So here’s your settlement offer, you thieving, cowardly, mindless little shits:   GBP100m (One Hundred Million Pounds net of tax)  And, in fact you have a choice of 3 deals:  _____________________________   In full and final settlement and the Choices are:  1). You can admit to violating my Human Rights, inflicting inhumane, humiliating and degrading treatment and committing serious criminal offences and make an open public apology. In this instance the GBP100m is not subject to tax.  2). You can deny all allegations and buy a release from further litigation or criminal charges being brought against you for an amount that would leave me with GBP100m after taxes are paid - therefore you will need your accountant to work out the figures.  3). You can licence ‘non-exclusively’ my patent GB2401616 (the most valuable one) for GBP100m after taxes are paid, and I’ll accept that you deny all other charges.    Mandatory Terms as part of any of the above:  (i): You will make arrangements to annul the bankruptcy order against me and file it at the court yourselves.  (ii): Identify which Defendants are included in any settlement agreement.  (iii): There will not be any further litigation or threats from any of the Defendants identified and I will not bring any further charges or publish any further information. I will remove this website once payment is recieved and the bankruptcy order annulled.  (iv): It is to be understood that ANY Defendant that is not identifed or making any contribution will have charges brought against them and if these are Judges, Police Officers or Government Officials, I will constantly pressure the UK to take action to stamp out corruption and remove those individuals from any postion of Authority.      In respect of Offers 1 & 2 above and in addition: You will withdraw the offending products from market immediately which are:               i).xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx            ii).xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx             iii).xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx             iv).xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx  2). You will post a public apology on your websites that will remain online for three years and this apology is worded as:  Notice to customers regarding Richard Perry’s Intellectual Property rights: It has come to our attention that we have mistakenly manufactured, sold or distributed goods that were derived from Mr.Perry’s intellectual property rights, namely his fencebrackets and other products known as XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX.  We did not have any licence or agreement with Mr. Perry to do so and have effectively withdrawn the ‘mistakenly produced’ products from market. Customers wishing to purchase these products should contact Mr.Perry or his business United Fence Products, Inc. directly, as they are no longer available from us. Thankyou.  3). You will not return the offending products to market until all of my IP and pending IP has expired, which in some cases could be for another 20 years. A list will be provided.  4). You will send a letter to every one of your customers that you have sold the offending products to that states that you have made a mistake and the products shouldn’t have ever been sold through you as they are/were under patent rights and that anyone wishing to stock the products should contact me - worded similarly to the first notice above. You will send this letter by means of recorded delivery and you will provide me with a copy of every recorded delivery slip and address to prove that you have done it. This may mean divulging your customer list.  6). If I am asked by Authorities to provide information in relation to this matter at any time, I will do as requested regardless of any settlement agreement.  7). You are not buying or licensing any of my Intellectual Property rights except patent GB2401616 in Offer 3.   ____________________________________ I don’t want to hear the words “we can’t…” or “ we don’t have…”    and I don’t want to hear lame and pathetic excuses.   There aren’t any deals for you to licence my IP - that ship has long sailed, and I don’t do those types of deals with criminals; especially ones pretending to be Christians whilst carrying out serious crime.  If it needs to be shown that this is some sort of negotiation, and if it helps, I can give you 5 off.  I don’t want shares in your Companies because you can’t or don’t want to pay, because I don’t do business with criminals.  You don’t need to worry about my tax liabilities or deals to suit your finances you can either pay up or go to jail.  I’ll pay whatever taxes are due when it’s time. Tax is estimated to be 28% - 50% capital gains depending on how an agreement is worded and I ‘aint accepting less than GBP100m in my bank after tax.   Look on the bright side:  Some of you might go bankrupt, Some of you might lose your jobs, Some of you might no longer be able to afford the lavish lifestyles you have enjoyed through the crime you perpetrated,  Some of you might lose your businesses and careers,  Some of you might never work in law or have anything to do with financial management ever again.  Some of you might lose your marriages and all of your fake friendships, Some of you might manage to get to the other side of the river of pain that is before you without drowning. But look on the bright side, here’s your chance - and this really is your final chance, to avoid jail and lifetime prison sentences.  So now it’s time to settle the debt that is of your own making, GBP100 million. The Offer above is open until DEC 24th 2018  You’ve had over twelve years to pay me and your time has ran out.   Update September 2018 I’ve been thinking about this and after having had advice from some of the largest firms in North America, 50 million quid for robbing me of my life, love and passion, hundreds of millions of dollars of IP rights and undermining the United Kingdom and US economy, ain’t really gonna cut it, is it? (GBP 50m was a previous offer before I found out the Defendants have flooded the entire North American marketplace with defrauded and counterfeit goods).  50 million for your out of control, recklessness, and sheer contempt for the value of life ‘dunt’ come anywhere close to compensation. I’m not looking at it as just compensation for me - i’m looking at it as compensation for all the people that are struggling to bring products to market or start enterprises or do something with their lives. Those others in the world that had faith in the ‘system’ and faith in Authority and in corporate responsibility, and those who would question the point to life if they knew this was being allowed to carry on.    Out of your sheer greed and jealousy you’ve committed serious crime, you’ve risked the livelihoods of your employees, you’ve tarnished the reputation of the United Kingdom and, you’re even going around calling yourselves Christians. You could have simply gone about your business in a lawful and ethical way and none of this would have happened.  However, because GBP50m of the previous offer was such a pittance in comparison to the level of crime carried out, when you eventually end up before a jury, at least you wouldn’t have been able to say my settlement offers (which are really allowing you to buy yourselves out of jail) were fanciful or unrealistic. However, 50 million isn’t an eye opener or something to think about or any deterrant to most worldwide corporations. Let me be honest about it; yes 50 million pounds is a lot of money for an individual, but would this make me smile? No it wouldn’t. That doesn’t come anywhere close to the value i’ve been robbed of, it doesn’t come anywhere close to reflecting my almost impossible accomplishments, and as far as i’m concerned it would just make me put it down to a dark chapter of life and i’ll be able to live comfortably. But it doesn’t make me smile or overjoyed. It doesn’t give me any confidence to start something else and it doesn’t give me any renewed faith in Authority or humanity.  Therefore. 100 million. So when people learn about this case, and if people are thinking about robbing and butchering others, they’ll be able to say ‘yeah but he did get a hundred million and they were on the brink of lifetime prison sentences, so do we really want to take that risk’. There will be some sort of deterrant.  Also I would go away satisfied. Not happy, not able to put this behind me but satisfied that I won. GBP100m does go some way to recognising what I had achieved and reflects my staggering accomplishments. Lottery winners win 50 million: I ain’t a lottery winner and my decades of backbreaking investment producing products used by millions of people is worth far more than a brainless lottery win. So a hundred million.   Therefore, as I know you are all pondering what you think you’ll offer, here’s a word of advice:  The time will come when I hold your fate in my hands and if your plan is to try to haggle for a pittance of what is already a pittance, I strongly suggest you rethink, because i’m already hell bent on bankrupting the fucking lot of you and driving your firms into the ground, where they belong. The ONLY way you’re going to avoid punishment is by paying me GBP100m net of taxes.   You can reply through:
Update 30th September 2018: After thinking about my own business and all of the good, salt of the earth people that I employed over the years, I realise that even though what the Defendants have done to me is pure cruelty, their employees are not necessarily complicit in it. I am conscious of the wellfare of those employees because i’ve had that responsibility myself. Therefore the only way out of this is to pay me. However, because I am asking for a large sum of money, and again, even though it may be a pittance to those firms, I realise it may take some time to get that money together. Therefore, the offer amount of 100mil isn’t going to change but I am willing to accept it in installments over a four year period with a substantial deposit of at least 20mil being paid. Any Defendant not making a contribution will have charges brought against them.  In the name of fairness and responsibility, and even though you should be going to prison for life, I am being as flexible as I am willing to be and you have until Dec 24th when my patience will run out as well as your options. Lets face it, once I publish all the names, what are you gonna do? sue me again? “We’re here again your honour bringing yet another fraudulent claim to your court because we didn’t quite get away with the last one, because Mr. Perry has published everything that proves our serious and organised crime against him”. I say, try your luck and see what happens this time - it has been reported to law enforcement agencies all over the globe, every Government Department I can find and if you don’t pay me or if there isn’t going to be any forth coming settlement, i’ll also sue every retail stockist involved in aiding and abetting your counterfeiting so that you won’t have any customers left. So your way out, is to pay up. Lastly, if any of the Defendants wish to make a confession, go to your local Police force and hand yourself in. Anyone providing credible evidence against the other Defendants will have immunity or a lesser punishment.
October 2018. It has now surfaced that there is another Defendant who is one main culprit that is controlling this entire situation. Let’s call him ‘The Fat Man’. This is a person of large wealth and influence that is provided by that wealth. The 100million that i’m asking for is nothing to this person and he could write out a cheque for this amount without thinking about it. This person refuses to accept any responsibility and I believe he was attempting to blame all of the other Defendants for his part in these terrible circumstances largely caused and supported by himself. This is a selfish and arrogant individual who has no apprehension in influencing Government Ministers, Judges, Police Officers (or the Authorities that these people report to), or the other Defendants, because he believes his wealth and influence puts him beyond the reach of the law. However his confidence is misplaced, because I think I have now gained the support of others in power who will not bow to his underhanded and ugly abuse of people’s rights and freedoms. By ‘power’ I mean true power that is not linked only to wealth, but gained through strength of character, integrity, good intentions and trustworthy leadership - which is why these people (that the rest of us look up to) have this power. These people will take action against the The Fat Man if he refuses to reconcile and pay up for his misuse of his wealth and trading in influence, which is another criminal offence. The Fat Man would without ANY hesitation throw his cronies under a bus in order to save himself, and he doesn’t care what anyone else thinks or of his duty and responsibility towards others. He doesn’t have any moral compass, and his wealth has been gained by this type of cruelty and lack of compassion for anyone else. This is a message to the other Defendants: you need to come forward and turn on The Fat Man and file reports or confessions to the Police (and you can email a copy to me) OR pressure this person to pay up immediately and he can remain anonymous. This is the only way you will save yourselves, your businesses and the livelihoods of your employees. This is because I know the ‘small fry’ in this situation don’t have the money to pay and I will not accept shares and promises made by criminals - I would rather put you in jail to suffer the consequences of your terrible crimes against me and the people of the United Kingdom. Message to the The Fat Man is:  that he is being given an opportunity to amend his behaviour and start thinking about the consequences of his actions, because his unlawfully gained wealth can be taken away as quickly as it is given, and he will go all the way back down to zero. To break the deadlock and ice, you need to come forward with an offer, any offer to start a dialogue, by email to: 
Defendants: If any of you are having trouble raising funds, then you need to provide the evidence against the firms and individuals that do have them. They will have to pay for you in order to rescue themselves. You’re all complicit, you’re all going to be going to jail unless you pay up. Nobody is ‘getting away’ with anything. I’m glad your trading relationship has ended - at least it might stop the misery from spreading. When contacing me I suggest you go about it in the proper way; introduce yourselves in the proper way - no cagey emails and one line sentences or any more of your pathetic little threats, because I won’t reply. Your correspondence can begin with: Dear Mr. Perry, I represent the Defendants (listed below) and we would like to offer you GBP100m net of taxes in settlement… I also suggest you don’t try to aggravate me even further by trying to offer less because the answer will be no and i’ll just insist charges are brought without further delay. You are aware that you are now dealing with the Crown - not some corrupt little Police Officer in Wiltshire or some sleazy corrupt little Judge in the Rolls Building - you are at the hands of the Monarch. I know very well what is going on and it’s time for you to pay me and you may avoid criminal charges. You may be able to keep your businesses and you can walk away learning a hard lesson. 100 million GBP net of taxes.     THERE WILL NOT BE ANY DEALS FOR YOU ‘ON THE COURT STEPS’  or the price will be doubled. There aren’t any ‘better’ deals - you’ve had the best offers and all the chances. Get past your denial - sleep on it, pray on it and come forward and compensate me before you wreck all of your familes as well. You’ve caused enough misery and suffering and it’s time to end the situation. I will never let this rest until i’ve been restituted and compensated. email : 
UPDATE 24TH NOV. Message to the legal Female now involved and the Gentleman who is representing the Crown and dealing with the Defendants on behalf of the UK Authorities: Do not waiver. Stand your ground against these people and shown them the iron fist of the United Kingdom, because we, as a nation, cannot afford their recklessness and contempt for other people’s lives. You have been given the power to deal with it and so use it with overwhelming force. If they don’t want to reconcile - arrest them and I wish to press charges. If they don’t have the integrity to contact me directly, they can put their offer through you to me. I can be reached on the email address above. We can recover from a bit of bad press but our nation cannot recover from deep seated corruption, serious and organised crime and absolute anarchy. Therefore as you are acting on my behalf, I would prefer you to draft or oversee an agreement so that either the funds are not taxable (which they shouldn’t be in this situation) or that more than GBP100m is paid and after thoses taxes are deducted, the amount remaining is GBP100m. I don’t think that it is moraly right that I should be forced to sell these evil little people the remnants of my lifetime’s work because they chose to target me and steal it to get their hands on it, leaving me bankrupted and butchered and being knocked out of life. The final thing is and I wish to make this excruciatingly clear: 1). I do not accept any amount less than GBP100m in my bank after taxes are paid and I do not accept shares in their criminal organizations. 2). If the Defendants refuse to pay up or co-operate by 30th November 2018 then press press charges and rain hell down on them. You do not need to contact me to see whether or not I wish to press charges - I do. I WISH TO PRESS CHARGES IMMEDIATELY. 3). The bankruptcy order has to be quashed or rescinded. This whole situation is extremely damaging to the Country. It must be bewildering to all of those up and coming inventors and intrepreneurs and people that want careers in law, who would immediately realise that their lives and careers are worthless in the United Kingdom. To preserve the integrity of our Justice System, I demand that HHJ RICHARD HACON and HHJ PATRICK McCAHILL are removed from Judicial Office for their participation in serious crime, aiding and abetting the Defendants and making a complete mockery of the entire Rule of Law.  If the Crown decides to allow them to remain in Judicial Office then every judgement they make from now on needs to be supervised and signed off by two higher ranking Judges, because they cannot be trusted with power or Authority. This is in the interest of giving people second chances, and showing them mercy despite them refusing me any. Anyone else reading this - if you have had a judgement against you made by these two people and that you suspect is cruel and unlawful, you need to have it appealled immediately and use this website as evidence for your Grounds for Appeal.
To the reader or bystanders:  I already know what I intend to do with any wealth if it ever comes to me. I’ve already got the new products in mind and the charitable work planned out. To satisfy any curiosities I have a few things I wish to do such as tackling Child Poverty, Homelessness and a setting up a fund for inventors etc. Nobody needs to worry about my self-interests. As far as i’m concerned, what is important is what you do with your life and how you can help others. I may not be able to help everyone, but I may be able to help one. If everybody helped one other, the world would be very different.  What amount of money do you think would be adequate compensation for being robbed of the chance of ever having children because all of your years and investment have been ripped from you by people calling themselves Christians?   If you have children: imagine if they were slaughtered in front of you -  what amount of money would you pay to have those precious lives returned to life or to wind back the clock? There isn’t any amount of money, and this is the emotional torment I am experiencing. Therefore 100m GBP after tax paid doesn’t mean anything at all but it will give me the funds I need to invest in the projects given to me from the Above and at least the Defendant’s laundered dirty money will be put to good use. A Note About Value The reader will notice that throughout my site, i’ve referenced a range of values for compensation/damages. The reason is: the more professional people I speak to and the higher up I get in the ranks of the knowledgeable in this area, the values are soaring, far beyond what I had anticpated. I think this is because I’ve not recognised such values and because i’ve started off with nothing it is difficult to imagine these larger values. Having now had experience in North America, I can easily see how my work and products could be scaled up and especially after witnessing the flooding of the North American marketplace with counterfeit goods and goods clearly derived from my patents. Therefore the 100 million quid i’m asking for is really at the lower to medium range of values. I also researched a bit online and found an interesting article in the Guardian, found below. therefore, if the Defendants who are making hundreds of millions to billions a year in profits refuse to stump up 100million for the devastation they have caused, then I would rather put them in jail because at least i’ll have the satisfaction of it instead of wondering for the rest of my life what the value should have been.   Comments from other Professionals:  JP Morgan Chase, Senior Investment Team Member : “We look at a businesses uniqueness and future potential and businesses like yours are usually valued at around several hundred million Euros”.  Royal Bank of Canada: “if you have standing in the USA you would be looking at hundreds of millions of dollars in damages. You need to up your game and find the top lawyers in America to litigate it on pro-bono. There are firms in the US who live for cases like this…”  The Guardian , news article about income. Voices of the 1%: how do Britain's highest earners feel about their income? May 3rd 2017, found on Google: “In their daily lives, [the top 1%] are surrounded by vast absolute income inequality, because the differences between top income earners are much higher than those between individuals situated in the middle of the distribution.” The investment banker said £100m was a lot of money – but “not a ridiculous amount of money”. He told the researcher he was “fairly confident” that a driven and passionate individual could “start from zero and get to £100m within 20 years”.    The result of all this is that I am confident that I have given the Defendants plenty of time and more than enough opportunity to pay up at only a reasonable amount of damages in order to end the whole thing. If we have to go another round in court I will be asking for ¼ billion GBP or a ridiculous amount of money that is in line with the almost impossible accomplishment which I made. Defendants Be Warned.
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